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A Typical Day

6:00 AM

A typical kitchen operation starts around six o’clock. You’ll want to get a head start on baking, cooking and prepping the daily breakfast and lunch deliveries.

8:00 AM

The office opens. Orders will come in by phone or online. Using best-in-class software, you’ll create production lists, and manage invoicing and payments.

10:00 AM

Your delivery vehicles will head out. Drivers will deliver, set up and then clean-up the day’s orders.

3:00 PM

Drivers return. 

4:00 PM

Drivers have finished and cleaned up.

Leave work. Through the miracle of modern technology, you can still be open and take incoming orders, even process them, while you’re away from the office or at home.

You’ll only have one shift of employees to manage each day. Our highly structured system will allow you to work on bigger picture issues concerning your business—rather than being trapped inside it. With our proprietary tools and resources, you’ll require only minimum effort to oversee a small workforce responsible for daily tasks and routine responsibilities.

We’ve developed a proven system. Now going on over twenty years, we’d like to share our processes and all that we’ve learned to assure your own success.

You can have a work/life balance

Our franchise model offers a lifestyle that means you’ll own your business, not the other way around. You can even (yes, it’s true) take time off.

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